My name is Jui Nerurkar, and I am currently working as a Senior Analyst, Decision Sciences at Universal McCann Inc, New York. Previously, I worked as a Data Intelligence Analyst at Consumer Reports, Inc. I graduated from New York University in May, 2020 with a master’s degree in Applied Statistics (Computational Methods). My current work involves analyzing consumer journey data using Google Ads Data Hub or Meta Advanced Analytics to determine the attribution of media towards conversions, building predictive models for effective budget allocation, and developing automation apps and ETL pipelines. While pursuing my master’s program, I worked part time as a researcher (Data Science team) at the Marron Institute (BetaGov/Litmus), New York University. This institute specializes in development and testing of new strategies for improving the public sector.

Prior to my graduate education in Statistics, I had earned undergraduate degrees in law and statistics, and practiced law for 5 years at Bombay High Court, Mumbai, India. Though these two fields seem very apart, they both revolve around null hypotheses, evidence, and rejecting null hypotheses if the evidence is clear, and convincing, beyond a reasonable doubt.

In graduate school, I learned complex topics like machine learning, Bayesian analysis, multilevel models, and experimental design. I am really passionate about analyzing data to identify inefficient/poorly designed processes/policies and develop, deploy, and test newer strategies using data for achieving better outcomes.

When I am not analyzing data, you will find me either reading a book, watching a Netflix show or clicking pictures.